‘Jan van Doesborch: the Antwerp connection’ published in Quaerendo

Created on 23 December 2017

In december  ‘Jan van Doesborch: the Antwerp connection’ was published in Quaerendo. It can be read on line if you have digital acces to an university library or institutes like the Royal Library in The Hague. 


The article reflects upon the role the Antwerp printer/publisher Jan van Doesborch played in the transmission of texts from Germany to England in the first part of the sixteenth century. Based on the way texts like Friar Rush and Virgilius. Of his lyfe and death changed compared to their German and Dutch sources, evidence is provided for the supposition that Van Doesborch, influenced by the German Eulenspiegel, restyled these texts into jest books. As a result of this activity Van Doesborch must be considered as the most probable candidate for having published a Dutch / English double edition of Ulenspiegel / Howleglas. In the Appendix is provided an up to date list of editions published by Van Doesborch.

A former version of the text – before it was submitted to Quaerendo is to be found here. It is somewhat longer and less accurate.

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Piet Franssen

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